You’re Amazing!

In your life, never should you lament over lost love. If you loved someone and they brushed your love away, never swear to never love again. Here is the reason why you should hold on to that faith:

The fact that you gave adequate love makes you the bigger person. Guaranteed; you will always offer the same amount of love to the next opportunity that comes your way. The person who never appreciated you for how dearly you held them in your heart will be the same always! The next person they will be with will suffer the same vain from that mediocre “lover”. In essence, you can’t lose what you never had. What do I mean? That person “walking out” on you costs you nothing because they did not deliver anything at all in the first place. In short, they are a liability to you and life is all about investment.

A true and worthwhile lover will bid to be your benefactor, not your beneficiary!!

Most importantly, remember that nostalgia of a one-sided relationship is a waste of time and looks (if you are cute like me). In fact, it’s stupid. If you still know how to love, know that that will be enough to pull you through another phase in life. Therefore, never deem yourself unlucky. If that person were the one, they wouldn’t hurt you that bad. And if they are that puzzle piece that fits exact to the half of your heart, they wouldn’t leave you in the cold – broken. Always remember that at every end of one thing, there are two possible outcomes:-

  1. There will arrive something else better or
  2. You will have something worse

The probability of you having something better is one minus the probability of you having worse. This may sound moderately unfavorable but look at it through my contact lenses. There are seven billion people on earth. If you can love wholly and truly, imagine how many other people are like you out there… there’s got to be somebody for you out there and the world is actually smaller than it looks on the atlas.

So beat yourself up no more, you are the winner. That lover just paved way for you to have a chance at finding someone better for yourself! You are perfect? Well that’s a plus for you and you are alright that way. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it!!

I hope lesson learned!! ❤



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