The Kiss


Lingering at the back of my mind was a little thought.

The thought set chills in all my emotions.

I thought I fell so intensely in love with someone.

 Like I had no other options

I was gone and done.


But now, the initial sense of love grew remote.

It was obvious, judging by their actions.

I felt like I was all alone

Trying to remove our life’s imperfections

 And replace the darkness with sun.


In spite of my generosity

There was no reciprocity.


I reached out one night, pressing for hope.

We had a heart-to-heart.

The uncertainty had to stop.

I was certain though, not to sound like I wanted to part.

So clearly, I stated my mind.

Then they looked at me with a leer.

I cast a fear.

Was it real?

I sat still.


Before I could notice, I got a little kiss.

It was short and simple; I thought it was cute.

For a moment I felt bliss.

Like I was touched by a gentle brute.


I remembered that those where the lips.

The first ones I ever kissed and the only.

As if in a mental eclipse

My mind darkened, slowly.

I looked into their eyes and saw…

I saw something I’d seen before.

It was that undeniable call.


So I pulled in close; very close

And aimed for the lips.

My delicious lips.

The same cold and awesome lips

That always gave me a lisp.

I placed mine against them

And we got lost into our world.

A world of pleasing electrical impulses



The Kiss was deep, and long!

Our mouths danced a waltz.

The feeling was strong.

The taste was milk and malt

Seasoned with cinnamon.


 As I was on a natural high

I couldn’t help but moan.

I thought I was a little spry

But, what the hell!

Least I didn’t cry


“This is home”!

I thought.

“The two of us still conform”.


Inasmuch as there was electricity.

There was reciprocity.


I fell in love all over again.

That kiss…

Was the definition, of romance.

A confirmation: we weren’t the menace.

But lovers with one will:

To share;

To care.


So, unrehearsed, I uttered the phrase:

I love you!

I got the same phrase.

Only ending in “too”.

It was glory!

The kiss redeemed me.

Redeemed us both.


It was that kiss

That gave me the answer I needed.

After all those times I pleaded

It only took Le Kiss!


When at the back of my mind

There had once been a chilling thought.

The thought which played over and over in rewind.

All it took to put it on halt



The Kiss: a synonym of

The lifeline to our delicate love

My kiss; our kiss



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