Where Did You Go?

Where Did You Go?

What happened to us?
We used to be inseparable
I used to confide in you when I was baffled
And when I am weak
You would make me strong
But now as I speak
It’s unclear where we belong

I no longer see you
When I look into the mirror
You’re not there anymore
And in my heart it’s like horror
The soul mate – the only soul mate I ever had
Is no more!
What happened to us?
Where did you go?

You used to follow me where ever I go
I could see you right beside me on the floor
Whenever I’m at the stream
There you were smiling back at me in the water
Made my life like a dream
But now that you’re gone
There’s nothing; no one to hold on!
Where did you go?

You used to be faithful and stolid
The half that made our tie solid
Whenever I’m sad
You sympathized
And whenever I am lonely
You empathized with me…
What happened to us?
Where did you go?

We used to cry together
My sorrows and my joys you’d share whenever
I thought that we would be together forever
Every morning, afternoon and even at night
I could feel your heartbeat
But now it’s like your heart doesn’t beat anymore
Where did you go?

There would be times
When we could openly share our feelings
When everything that we went through
We overcame together
We used to be as one
But where did you go?

Where ever you are
I wish you would look back and see
I miss you
And I need you here…


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