Family and Friend(s).Image

I have come to terms with the fact that friendship stretches a little beyond family: We’re with our families not because we choose to, but, we have no choice. We develop love for members out of obligation and for a mere reason that we have spent ‘forever’ a time with them. But, your friends are a special, separate piece with whom you identify yourself. You chose to love them because you think that they have earned it! 

What kind of friendship am I talking about? It is one that supersedes childhood playmates because childhood playmates are closely related to family. You simply found yourself in that society – you did not choose. The friendship I am talking about goes beyond early social construction, physical attraction, intellectual compatibility or, emotional pleasure. It is the one that forms through mutual inscription of words of interest on one another’s psyches at first small talk, which is not done physically nor emotionally. This one is effected by the law of attraction and supernaturally occurs. It is likely to happen for anyone, somewhere in the course of time. It works according to your thoughts. When it is time, there’s no question of whether or whether not. It’s simply indomitable.

Nonetheless, friendship doesn’t replace family, nor do I wish to understate the significance of family in one’s life. This kind of connection (friendship) is possible within family circles, too.

All in all, your friend is the most essential ingredient in your life before everything else. They’re like air is, to every living thing. This may sound a paradox to some but, for me, it doesn’t matter whether that person loves you or not. What’s important is that you love them – a typical feature of being Christ like because our savior loved us first. If your friend loves you, then you’re even better off. Then you’re lucky and blessed because there’s no better gift (a one-side relationship “sucks”!). But, in this crazy world, you can only be certain of that if they tell you so [though some may lie or say it out of loathe or self-gratification].

So who is your friend? Do they love you? How do you know? And the grand question: do you love them? Are you sure?

My greatest advice: do not deceive that someone who cares. Life is like the underneath of a tree in a summer’s after noon. You know that shade you crave but then the dancing leaves keep exposing you to those agitating rays of sun? Yes. That’s how life is. The things you think you have will not entirely blanket you from the harsh rays of sorrow. But, your friend can be that summer breeze – one that defeats the wrath of sun and comes by, time and time again to counter your sadness.

So, my friends; be faithful-loyal and try to give your friend(s) the best service because they are worth it. Do not steal yourself away you might not know just how much you mean to someone. I have a best friend, who I think deserves half of my world but, I learned to love way before I met them. I must say: you’re lucky, chum. I have come to resolve that “no matter what the question, love is the answer” and no matter what the desire, friendship is the key.

I love you all and… I hope: lesson learned.